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You should also consider what sort of products you use with regard to your comfort. Of course, not all discomfort with your eyes is due to make-up issues. It could be the lenses you are using.


You may want to look into Acuvue contact lenses to find a comfortable option if you experience regular eye irritation.


Also think about using hypoallergenic make-up  products for the eye area. These products are designed to reduce irritation by decreasing the risk of allergic reactions.


With a combination of comfortable contacts, careful application and the right make-up, you should minimize the risk of irritation.



contact lenses & make-up





Makeup advice for contact lens wearers to prevent irritation and discomfort

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P r o d u c t s


To begin with, of course, you will want to be very careful about applying make-up around your eyes, on your eyelids, or on your eyelashes.


However, you also want to consider make-up application with regard to putting in your contact lenses.


Many people who wear contact lenses experience irritation because they apply make-up first and contacts second, which only increases the likelihood that you end up with product on your eyes. Instead, put in your contacts first, and then handle your make-up so as to avoid this sort of risk.


You may also want to be more careful about the situations you wear make-up in. For example, any situation that invokes moisture (swimming, going out in the rain, or even exercising to the point of perspiration) can all cause make-up to run into your eyes. If this is a regular occurrence, you may be damaging your eyes, in addition to irritating them, so it is important for your health that you be careful about when you wear make-up.


Generally speaking, most people do not equate make-up with any sort of health risks.


Of course, there are exceptions to this, but for the most part women tend to wear make-up without worrying too much about potential negative effects.


However, even the most carefully selected and applied make-up can cause a great deal of irritation, or even an allergic reaction, if it comes into direct contact with your eyes.


There are a few things that every woman should be aware of when applying make-up, particularly with regard to the area around the eyes.