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NASMAH is a member of

Cine Guilds of Great Britain

National Association of Screen Make-up Artists and Hairdressers

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There are 3 types of membership. All have exactly the same benefits:



For media make-up/hair artists who have been working in the industry for less than 10 years.



For media make-up/hair artists with over 10 years' industry experience.



For companies that provide services to hair and make-up, including wig makers, training providers, make-up suppliers, hair product supplies etc.






NASMAH is not a union. 


NASMAH is a not-for-profit professional association run by an elected committee of volunteers.


NASMAH is not an agent.


NASMAH does not actively find work for members. However, enquiries do come in from production companies or individuals wanting hair and/or make-up personnel and NASMAH recommends the appropriate members. We do not charge a fee or take a commission - we simply put people in touch.


We know there's a lot of info here, but please read through everything before applying! 







Our directory is available to anyone looking to hire hair and/or make-up personnel.




Your own page on our website, accessable from your directory listing. Add your credits, links, photos of your work and a CV.




Our quarterly newsletter is packed full of news, articles, new products, special offers and forthcoming events.




We get a discount with various suppliers including Make-Up International,  Stage Jobs Pro, Supercover Professional Makeup, Film Crew Pro,  and Cotswold Outdoor.




We run our own social evenings every now and then with prizes, talks and demos, plus the chance to network with fellow members.  




Get up to 15% off the price on any of  our in-house short courses.


*Terms and Conditions apply to short courses re: length of membership. All other benefits are immediate on joining.


Membership runs  annually  from 1st January  to 31st December.


New members are welcome to join any time during the year. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY to know what to pay:


JOIN 1st Jan - 30th June:

Pay the full annual fee.


JOIN 1st July - 31st Oct:

Pay half the annual fee.


JOIN 1st Nov - 31st Dec:

Pay the full annual fee with  membership carried over to include the next year.




Current fees for 2015:


FRESHMAN            £30

FULL MEMBER        £48

ASSOCIATE           £48





Before you pay, please read the column on the right for how to join and our joining criteria. Once you are happy that you fulfil the initial criteria, you can pay by cheque or PayPal. (We return your payment in full should your application not be successful.)



Please make payable to NASMAH.


Click on the button below for the membership you are paying for. Follow the PayPal instructions. You can pay by credit or debit card and you don't have to have a PayPal account.











All membership applications have to be approved by the committee and CVs, credits and qualifications will be verified. It is to ensure that we maintain our high standards and CVs are accurate.


Follow the instructions depending on which type of member you are:



You must have completed a comprehensive foundation media make-up course that is  UK based and recognised by the association.


  • Print off the Freshman application form

  • Completed all details and sign

  • Photocopy all your make-up and hair certificates

  • Print a copy of your CV

  • Make payment: either send us a cheque or use PayPal

  • Post all of the above to us




You must have worked in the industry for more than than 10 years, after having completed basic training recognised by the association.


New applicants must have  two current Full or Life members sponsor their application.


  • Print off the Full Member application form

  • Completed all details and sign

  • Get your two sponsors to sign the form

  • Print a copy of your CV

  • Make payment: either send us a cheque or use PayPal

  • Post all of the above to us





  • Print off the Associate application form

  • Complete and sign

  • Make payment: cheque or PayPal

  • Post all of the above to us to below address






NASMAH, 91 Carlton Road


Surrey  KT12 2DQ



Please note: We DO NOT accept emailed applications.


We'll be in touch as soon as we can!


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